About Us

Geosys IT Solutions PVT. LTD. . is proud to be a “Total Software Solution Provider” in the arena of Information Technology since 2008. We are professionally managed Software Development Team with a passion for innovation .The team, rich in experience, work in a serene, friendly ambience, highly motivated and committed professionals. To provide high quality, timely and cost effective software solution. Bundled with feature such as strengthen with an uncompromising sprit for a quality, lasting customer support and relationship, customer required projects with maximum utility within their budget in no time.

About Onwheelz

Now a day’s Internet has had an enormous impact on our lives by allowing quick access to information, expediting business transactions and providing communication from anywhere in the world. Even your children and parents are using email, instant messaging, on-line banking, Online Trading and bevy of other sites on a day-to-day basis. In essence, the Internet provides a trouble-free way to save time and add convenience to our lives, so why not provide these same benefits to your Agency? This thought brings to our mind to develop Onwheelz-Cloud.

Onwheelz Cloud – is an organized Agency Billing Management Web /Mobile Application Mainly for Drinking Water & LPG Delivery Supply Agencies. This package is designed and fabricated in accordance with the survey and case studies conducted by our professionals in various Agencies along with our 12+year experience. The software is highly efficient, compactly packed, which takes care of the minutest details for the organized and systematic management of your Agency. This specially designed and professionally crafted application helps you to keep your Agency organized, systematic and simple at your finger tip.

The beauty of a true web application is its architectural simplicity. To run any true web application, all you need is a PC/Laptop/Tab with a web browser Internet. There is absolutely no software installed on your PC/Laptop/Tab, so you don’t have to worry about the software’s configuration, computer’s disk space, memory, and, most importantly, conflicts with other software Within the modern Technical landscape.

In this COVID -19 situation, all Agencies are challenged to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and optimize communications to enable the service organizations they serve to provide seamless care to customers. You need web systems with easy interfaces and simplifying process for receiving orders, sharing info, and billing. Meanwhile, high quality web support is essential for a modern online presence that allows you to expand your client base.



  • Able to handle Collection Status
  • Short Keys on Dashboard
  • Easy and user friendly

Customer Registration

  • Single time Customer Registration
  • Customer can view Bills in their Mobile

User Roll

  • Create any No of Investigation based on Department
  • Set rate change in a single form
  • Manage Investigation by Activate/Deactivate
  • Multiple Search Options

Business Analytic Reports

  • Department wise Analysis Report
  • Test wise Collection
  • Total Outstanding Amount
  • Take separate Affiliated List
  • Creditors wise List

Customer Ledger

  • Department wise Analysis Report
  • Test wise Collection
  • Total Outstanding Amount
  • Take separate Affiliated List
  • Creditors wise List


Cloud Based Application

  • Can Access from anywhere using Username & Password.
  • Multi Device Compatibility Can run even in your TAB.
  • No need to worry about your system configuration.
  • Your Hard Disk Capacity.
  • Your RAM or Computer Speed.
  • Regular Back Up Tensions.
  • Re-Installation procedures while formatting your system.

Multi Branch Management

  • Can manage you multiple branches in a single screen.
  • Analysis you’re each activities of your individual branches.
  • Monitor your branches without any individuals support.

Perfect CRM

  • Manage your Customers details with perfect data output.
  • Set your Customer Credit Limit.
  • Monitor your customers Sales and Return QTY.
  • Analysis your customers outstanding.
  • Perfect Separate Mobile app for Customer login.

Mobile Hybrid Applications

  • Delivery Boy Mobile App.
  • Create Users for Delivery boys.
  • Live Data monitoring .
  • Easy to close their Collection & Sales.
  • Transparent Accounts.
  • Admin can Lock Users.

Customers Mobile App

  • Can Download Android Mobile app from Google Play Store “Onwheelz Customers” .
  • Easy to Register their User by using their Mobile No .
  • Monitor their every transaction with Agencies .
  • View Multiple Stores transactions in a single screen.
  • Real time DATA updations, So no need of Monthly Agency’s Statements.

Professional Support Desk

  • Perfect Support Desk Available .
  • Friendly Customer Care .
  • Can generate Support Tickets Online.
  • Individual Service Executives to Attend and avoid communication gaps.
  • Online Service Support.